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Yaz Boyum has emerged as one of the most accomplished and highly skilled personal trainers and fitness instructors in the Washington, D.C. area.

She is certified for personal training by NSPA, John Philbin's National Sports Performance Association, and has recently been named “One of the Top 100 Trainers in America” by Men’s Journal. Yaz specializes in tailoring the most specific workout each individual needs, at any age and at any fitness level. Yaz, Inc. offers private in-home/office training and consultations (please visit the “personal training” section of this site for more information on training with Yaz).

Yaz has over 18 years of fitness-related experience, including competing in international IFBB body building championships and national aerobic competitions. She also teaches fitness workshops shares her expertise on television. “Yaz-Fit” is a popular cable television show that provides instruction on a range of health and exercise topics such as sports-specific training, rehabilitation of injuries, teaching sports to children and the proper diet for achieving different fitness objectives.

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Yaz was also Channel 8's Fitness Pro guest for two years, appearing once a month on “Sports Talk Live” to answer fitness and nutrition-related questions on the air.

A key to Yaz’s success is that she constantly strives to develop innovative approaches to exercise and weight loss.

She has recently invented a patented nutritional and training-system called “YazT3” Total-Training System and Fitness-Rescue Kit. YazT3 is a holistic diet and exercise program that caters to every population. It provides a food-portion-control strategy, a how-to-train guide, a what-to-eat menu, and effective guidance to develop a balanced routine for success! Whether you are looking for a way to lose weight, maintain or regain your fitness level, increase strength or bulk-up, the YazT3 Total-Training System and Fitness-Rescue Kit is the perfect solution. Yaz has made getting fit both easy and fun for those who want to live longer, healthier lives. Look for the YazT3 on the market soon.


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